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GRAF skates



Richmond Special

Leather upper and available in black or white.

These are a middle hardness boot. Have Graf "Fitting-System" to achieve a good, comfortable fit, a triple leather sole, very good side-stability.

Available in three width fittings.

Edmonton Special

Upper made of first class leather with high side stability. NEW from 2012: extra-light leather sole

New Technology: V-Insert
Movement and jumps during skating causes considerable stress to the boot upper. The built in “V-Insert” is designed to absorb most of these impact and slow down the breakdown of the leather.

The V-Insert also helps the breaking-in phase considerably.

Available in three width fittings



Professional Outfit
Extra Stiff

This model distinguish itself by the extreme high upper stability "X-STIFF". Comfortable liner, excellent ankle padding and soft padded upper border.






Professional Outfit

Boot made of special material "CP" with Fitting System and new styling, excellent side-stability.

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