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Riedell skates

Recreational Figure Skate Boots
Figure skate boots from the Gem Series provide the stability beginner skaters need to feel comfortable and secure on the ice.  Plus simple boot maintenance allows skaters to focus on sharpening skills.

119 Emerald

Basic instructional/Recreational
Support level - 30/Light

  133 Diamond

Basic instructional
Support level - 40/Medium
Double reinforcement for the support recreational skaters appreciate. Leather Tongue Reinforcement adds foot protection and boot strength. 


Instructional Figure Skate Boots
Take your skating to the next level with our Instructional Series.  These figure skate boots are perfect for skaters who are beginning their competitive careers and are mastering jumps, spins and more advanced moves

255 Motion
Now 7% lighter while maintaining the support needed for jumps

229 Edge

Double reinforced uppers with Trifusion and Foss provides medium support for advancing moves and jumps.

  223 Stride

Designed with medium ankle support for all day comfort. Double reinforced leather uppers, leather soles and leather tongue reinforcement.


Competitive Figure Skate Boots
Competitive figure skaters require boots that withstand intense jumps, spins, intricate footwork and long hours on the ice training
and competing.  This is why figure skate boots in our Competitive Series are designed with durable materials and features unique
to Riedell that provide skaters with comfortable, flexible stability and support.

  2010 Fusion

The fresh, new 2010 Fusion features an aggressive design allowing maximum forward and backward flexibility. TriFusion triple ankle reinforcement offers maximum support.

910 Flair

The distinctive 910 Flair is freshly designed for firm support with less weight. Leather sole, heel and tongue reinforcement.

  3030 Aria

Introducing our new lightweight skate, Aria. Advanced, sleek and strong. The micro-internal midsole keeps you closer to the ice and reduces weight.

1375 Gold Star

The first of the Star series is the redesigned 1375 Gold Star shines brightly with refreshed styling, new reinforced tongue design and cork/leather heels.

  875 Silver Star

The sleek new 875 Silver Star is redesigned for strength and comfort. Double reinforced Trifusion provides just the right ankle support.

435 Bronze Star  

Lighter than ever before, the 435 Bronze Star is designed with firm support and enhanced fit for superb comfort.


Speciality Figure Skate Boots
Let your personality shine through your ice skates with the line of Speciality Boots which includes Customs, Premium and Special built
figure skate boots.  And if you're a coach, ice dancer or synchro skater Reidell have got you covered too!

  4200 Dance

High-energy ice dancing demands a special boot and this is it. Designed for flexible support and superior fit. Dance-cut backstay collar encourages full forward and backward flex for intricate footwork and toe pointing. 

975 Instructor

The 975 Instructor is specifically designed for all-day comfort and warmth. Glove soft leather with 400 gram Thinsulate® and supple Cambrelle® linings.


2200 Synchro

Truly a team player, the 2200 Synchro boot is expertly designed for the rigors of complicated footwork, steps, sequences and spins.

Custom Boots

If you can dream it, we can build it! Our finest craftsmen will design and build your custom boots to exacting specifications and features. We can make allowances for orthotics, arches, toe room, heel spurs, foot irregularities, bunions, etc.


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